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Openings and other opportunities of Procurement:

"The procurement, installation and trial run of equipment/instruments for Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) testing facility near the Taftan border crossing"

"Bidding Document: The procurement, installation and trial run of equipment/instruments for Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) testing facility near the Taftan border crossing"

"ToRs: The procurement, installation and trial run of equipment/instruments for Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) testing facility near the Taftan border crossing"

"Corrigendum: The procurement, installation and trial run of equipment/instruments for Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) testing facility near the Taftan border crossing"

Revised deadline for submission is 31st July, 2021 (14:00 Pakistan time)

"Advertisement for Hiring of Chemical Engineer; LPG Testing Lab. Taftan"

"ToRs of Chemical Engineer; LPG Testing Lab. Taftan"

Closing date for the submission of application is 30th July, 2021 

"Advertisement for the feasibility study for the establishment of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) storage and filling terminal facilities of 50 metric ton each to cover the vacinities in and around Zhob, Chaman and Ziarat"

"ToRs: the feasibility study for the establishment of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) storage and filling terminal facilities of 50 metric ton each to cover the vacinities in and around Zhob, Chaman and Ziarat"

"Bidding Document: the feasibility study for the establishment of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) storage and filling terminal facilities of 50 metric ton each to cover the vacinities in and around Zhob, Chaman and Ziarat"

Deadline for submission is 30th July, 2021 (14:00 Pakistan time)

"Advertisement for the vacant Post of Renewable Energy Engineer and Geologist"

"ToRs: Renewable energy Engineer and Geologist"

Closing date for the submission of application is 30th July, 2021 


  • To carry on the Business of planning, promoting, Organizing and implementing programs for the exploration and development of oil, gas, renewable and alternate energy resources in Balochistan.
  • To carry out geological, geophysical and other surveys for the exploration of oil, gas, renewable energy, alternate energy and conventional/non-renewable energy.
  • To take over, acquire, renew, unitize and hold any exploration, prospecting, development and Production concessions of whatever nature or otherwise acquire any estate or Interest, develop resources  of work, dispose of or otherwise turn to account land or sea beds in forms, and to search for or participate in the exploration for fossil fuel or any other renewable energy in any form, asphalt, bitumen or similar substances, or natural \gas, or renewable energy, or any substance, used, or which may be capable of use, and to organize, equip and employ expeditions, experts and other agents and to carry out drilling and other exploratory operations, and  to establish, and operate oil and gas wells and  renewable and alternate energy operations and other undertakings to estimate the reserves of fossil fuel, renewable and alternate energy for | the extraction of any of the aforesaid substances.
  • To acquire shares of companies or interests of the Government of Balochistan  and Government of Pakistan in the existing and new petroleum, renewable energy and alternate energy joint ventures or corporations by cash payment, or by the issue of shares credited as fully paid up, debenture, debenture stock  or other securities of the Company, or for such other consideration as the a Company may think fit, and thereafter to hold and enjoy all interests, rights, contracts and privileges vested in or arising there from and be responsible for m the liabilities connected with the title of such acquisitions.
  • To produce, refine, sell, supply, market, distribute, transport arid otherwise dispose of crude oil, condensate LPG, NGL and natural gas and refinery gases, alternate and renewable energy and by-products pursuant to any of the objects mentioned in this Memorandum for domestic, commercial or industrial uses or for lighting, heating power generation or any other purpose whatsoever.
  • To construct, own, purchase, acquire, lease, build, erect, install, establish, operate, manage and maintain plants, laboratories, equipment, apparatus and other facilities for the purpose of producing, distilling, refining and processing petroleum , renewable and alternate energy and preparing there from products and by-products of any kind and of producing substances necessary in -connection with the distilling, refining and processing as aforesaid and for  experimentations, manufacture, processing, storage, sale and distribution of all or any product whatsoever  generally dealt with by petroleum and energy companies,
  • Generally to purchase, take on lease or in exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any movable or immovable property and any rights, concessions or privileges which the Company may think necessary or convenient for the purposes of its business or which may enhance the value of any other property of the company, and in particular any petroleum bearing or other lands, patent rights, buildings, easements, machinery, plant vehicles and stock-in-trade.
  • To acquire and undertake the whole or any part of the business, assets and liabilities of any person, firm, body, association, corporation or company carrying on any business which the Company is authorized to carry on or a - possessed of property suitable for any purpose of the Company.
  • To acquire, take over or merge and amalgamate with any other company, opt or body for carrying on and extending the business of the company or for expanding and extending its operations, or for any other function which may be beneficial for the Company.
  • To establish or promote or concur in establishing or promoting any company for all or any of the objects mentioned in this Memorandum or any extension thereof or for acquiring all or any of the property, rights and liabilities of the company, or for any purpose which may seem directly or indirectly calculated to benefit the Company or otherwise to transfer to any such company all or any of the properties of the company and to place or guarantee the placing of, subscribe for or otherwise acquire and hold all or any part of the shares, debentures or other securities of any such company, and to subsidize the same and to perform any services or undertake any duties for or on behalf of the same, and in any other manner to assist any such company on such terms as may be agreed and either with or without remuneration,
  • To pay for any business, property, grants, rights, concessions, Privileges and all Kinds of assets or interest acquired or agreed to be acquired by the Company and generally to satisfy (subject to the provisions of Section 87 of the companies Ordinance) any obligation of the Company by the issue or transfer of shares of this Company or any other company credited as fully paid up or of debentures or other securities of this or any other company.
  • To enter into any arrangement with any Government, Municipal Authority or Corporation  constituted under Federal or Provincial Act which may seem conducive to the Company’s objects or any of them and to obtain from any such Government or Authority any concessions, grants or decrees, rights or privileges whatsoever which the Company may think fit or which may seem to the Company capable of being turned to account and to work, develop, carry out, exercise and turn to account any such arrangements, concessions, grants, decrees, rights or privileges.
  • To take part in management, supervision or control of business or-operations of any company or undertaking, other than as managing agents, and for that purpose, to appoint and remunerate any Director, accountant, specialist, consultant or other experts, and to act as secretaries of any such company or undertaking.
  • To enter into all kinds of working arrangements, other than as managing agents, with other persons, companies, corporations and also to make and carry into effect schemes and arrangements with respect to sharing of profits, union of interests, cooperation, amalgamation either in whole or in part, joint ventures, or reciprocal concessions, OF any other arrangement with any other persons, firms, companies or corporations including the acquisition of all or any portion of the business of or conducting. and supervising (but without acting as managing agent) the management or business of any corporation, establishment, project or any undertaking which seem to directly or indirectly benefit the Company or in pursuance of any Central or Provincial Law, Order, Regulation or Government directives whether In force or brought in force on hereinafter.
  • To cultivate, clear, manage, farm, irrigate, and otherwise work or use any land over which the Company has any right and to dispose of or otherwise deal with any farm or other products of any such land, and to lay out sites for and establish temporary or permanent camps, towns and villages on any such land.
  • To own, acquire, construct, establish, assemble, install, lay out, improve, maintain, work, manage, operate, carry out or control, or aid in, contribute or subscribe to the construction, erection, maintenance and improvement or working of roads, ways, tramways, railways, aerodromes and landing fields, docks, wharves, piers, bridges, jetties, breakwaters, dredging facilities, moorings, harbor, abutments, viaducts, aqueducts, canals, tube wells, water courses, tanks, storage, installation, refineries, pipes, pipelines, telegraphs, telephones, wireless, gas works, steam works, electric lighting and power works, power houses, hydro-electric plants, laboratories, factories, mills, foundries, workshops, machine shops, warehouses, shops, stores, fuel stores, hangars, garages, guard towers, machinery and other appliances of all kinds of fueling equipment, hotels, clubs, restaurants, lodging houses, baths, places of worship, hospital, dispensaries, places of amusements, pleasure grounds, parks, gardens, reading rooms, dwelling houses, office and other buildings, works and conveniences which may be calculated, directly or Indirectly to advance the company`s interests to contribute subsidize or otherwise assist or take part in the construction improvement, maintenance, working, management, carrying out or control thereof, and to take any lease or enter into any working arrangements agreement in respect thereof.
  • To purchase, build, charter, affright, hire and let out for hire or for chartering and affrightment, and otherwise to obtain the possession of, and use, operate and dispose of, and employ or turn to an account ships, lighters, barges, tugs, launches, boats and vessels of all kinds (including tankers and tank vessels), Marine equipment, automobiles, lorries, motor trucks and tractors, airplanes, locomotives, wagons, tanks, cars and other rolling stock and otherwise to provide for any employ the same in the conveyance of petroleum and other  minerals, movable properties and merchandise of all kinds, and the transportation of personnel, employees, customers and visitors and to purchase or otherwise acquire any shares or interests In any ships or vessels,  airplanes, railways, motor transportation, or in any companies, possessed of or interested in any ships, vessels, airplanes, railways and motor transportation, in connection to the main business of the company.
  • To purchase, manufacture or otherwise acquire and to hold; own invest, trade and deal in, mortgage, pledge, assign, sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of goods, wares, merchandise and personal Property of every class and description and to transport the same in any manner, relating to the main business of the Company.
  • To buy, sell, manufacture and deal in minerals, plants, Machinery, implements, conveniences, provisions, and things capable of being used in connection with or required by workmen and other employed by the Company or in connection with the business of the Company.
  • To provide corporate advising, legal services and turnkey or otherwise consultancy, operational and management services for entire range of  activities of petroleum exploration, development and production to the interested persons, corporations, companies etc. including but not limited to selection of concession areas, work program, concession negotiation, prospect evaluation, drilling, well completion and well completion supervision, programming, project preparation, project monitoring and project  management for exploration, development and production of petroleum and alternate energy resources and related activities, to any association, person or company in furtherance of the Company’s objects.
  • To carry out, encourage, promote and provide services for undertaking  reservoir and field development studies and plans for the establishment of renewable and alternate energy and oil & gas reserves.
  • Apply to the proper authority or authorities and sue for a grant of license or l incenses, to lay down rails, pipes, or other materials in any public road, street, public place for the purpose of enabling the Company to carry on the business or objects for which it is formed and to build wharves of abutments in any port harbor of public water for any such like purpose.
  • To invest and deal, from time to time, with the surplus moneys of the Company not required for its main business in any manner and in particular to accumulate funds or to acquire or to take by subscription absolute or conditional, purchase or otherwise howsoever and to hold, and dispose of shares and other securities of any other company, association, undertaking in Pakistan or abroad.
  • To invest and deal with the moneys of the Company in such new projects, companies, works and research as may be directed by the Government of Balochistan.
  • To sell, lease, mortgage or otherwise dispose of the property, assets or undertaking of the company or any part thereof for such consideration as the company may think fit, and in particular for shares, debentures or other securities of any company whether or not having objects altogether or in part similar to those of the Company.
  • To apply for purchase or otherwise acquire and protect, prolong and renew whether in Balochistan or elsewhere any patents, patent rights, brevetted ‘inventions’, trademarks, licenses, protections, concessions and the like conferring any exclusive or non-exclusive or limited right to use the same or any secret or other information as to any invention, process or privilege  which may seem capable or being used for any of the purposes of the Company of the acquisition of which may seem calculated directly or indirectly to benefit the Company and to use, exercise, develop, manufacture under or grant licenses or privileges in respect of or otherwise turn to account the property, rights and information so acquired and to carry on any business in any way connected therewith.
  • To sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, mortgage, (with or without a power of sale), let or rent, share of profit royalty or otherwise grant licenses, easements, options, servitude and other rights over and in any other manner deal with or dispose of the undertaking, real and personal property, assets, rights and effects of the Company, or any part thereof, for such consideration as may be thought fit and in particular for equity funds and other funds, shares, debentures,  debenture stock or other obligations or securities of any other company.




  • Balochistan Energy Company Limited (BECL) is a venture of the Government of Balochistan.  BECL is currently at various stages of forming Joint Venture (JV) partnerships with well-established E&P companies operating in Pakistan, and we are open to consider more JV ventures, particularly with companies interested in exploring the vast unexplored area of Balochistan. BECL offers its support and assistance in smoothly conducting E&P business operations in the province. BECL, being a local company based in the provincial capital Quetta, is in an ideal situation to leverage its position to ensure smooth operations and to expedite the required approval processes. BECL is also looking at various options to acquire a exploration license without bidding, since as a provincial holding company this option is available to BECL, and we welcome other proposals for cooperation in this regard.
  • The other important area of engagement for BECL is in Renewable Energy (RE), in which we are already engaged in partnerships and at various stages of feasibility and negotiation with RE companies. Our focus is presently more in the Solar and Wind Energy projects within the province, but certainly not limited to these two areas of RE.  Moreover, for companies planning to bring in mew technology to Pakistan for RE resource development, the bidding process is not required. BECL is available to facilitate interested parties in their RE projects in Balochistan.
  • The third main area of current operations is related to LPG. After the grant of approval by OGRA, BECL is moving ahead to complete the process to establish a LPG testing laboratory at Taftan border. The Company is also looking at various options to ensure supplies of Liquid Gases or CNG to remote areas of Balochistan via virtual pipeline as these locations are distant from the gas transmission network. BECL looks forward to receiving proposals from existing and established players in this business and working together for the benefit of all involved.